Mission & Vision


The mission of the Wilmington Creative District is to implement creative place-making strategies to:

  • Revitalize the area of Wilmington’s downtown between Shipley Street, Washington Street, Fourth Street and Ninth Street
  • Extend the experience and investment along Market Street further west to adjacent communitites and areas beyond downtown
  • Establish Wilmington as a destination for producers and consumers of art, history & culture, and creativity

By leveraging:

  • the rich cultural history and historic architecture of the Quaker Hill neighborhood
  • the concentration of arts venues, institutions, and organizations along Market Street
  • the cluster of downtown companies and firms in creative industries
  • the millions of dollars of public and private investment along Market Street’s historic corridor


Wilmington’s Creative District is the city’s creative center focused on both creative production and consumption, where local creative entrepreneurs (artists, musicians, designers, makers, tech innovators, manufacturers) and residents thrive and locally designed goods and original works are made and sold.


The combined impacts of public and private investment and public policy over the past thirty years have brought transformative change to Wilmington’s greater downtown area, with corporate investment in Center City and the Riverfront Wilmington redevelopment bookending the smaller scale, more incremental revitalization of LOMA [lower Market Street]. This continued building of momentum in parts of Wilmington’s downtown is contrasted by the persistent challenges faced by nearby neighborhoods just beyond the reach of this reinvestment.

As seen in cities across the Country with revived downtowns, the success of past initiatives is an opportunity to expand in new directions. Wilmington has a long legacy of arts organizations and creative businesses. Those that are familiar with the City are well aware of the local benefits provided by major arts institutions as well as small creative non-profits organizations. This vision for a Creative District is about expanding and promoting a local resource that is often overlooked. With proactive guidance and investment, an established Creative District can help to improve local communities and the City’s overall economic position.