Our three city-wide mural projects have been a huge success spanning the communities from Westside to Riverside. We are grateful to all the residents, and supporters of these projects , a special shout-out to artists Corei and Crae Washington of Smashed Label, James Wyatt, and Eric Okdeh for their creativity and talent — their dedication to the projects is evident in the process.


Each mural began by engaging the residents of the community to join open conversations to express their  ideas for the image. The artist then developed a design and presented it to the community for feedback and approval.  Once the final image was established the artist scaled the image to the size of the wall, breaking the image into multiple panels on special cloth, known as parachute cloth, for painting.

The community was then invited to attend the paint days — everyone was welcome, no experience was necessary!   For this city-wide mural project, each mural community had 3 scheduled paint days in June.  A "mural squad" of 10 dedicated local artists participated in all the community paint days, even the Mayor stopped by to add to the mix! 

It is great to know so many people are willing to #BeCreativeInWilm!


Monroe Street


Lancaster Ave. & Franklin Street


Kingswood Community Center

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