Nextmakerz at NextFab Creative District Wilmington Delaware


A work skills initiative for young Wilmingtonians ages 16-24 providing life and job-skills to advance their futures.

NextMakerz is a tuition-free entrepreneurship and mentoring program with hands-on training in a range of new technologies and manufacturing equipment. The program will allow participants to take an idea from concept to final product. And in addition to fostering creativity, it will build skills for job readiness, giving these young people the tools to enter a market that requires technical acumen.

Targeted to those not currently enrolled in a traditional program, NextMakerz will allow its 20 young participants to learn software (such as Adobe Illustrator) and work with the new digital fabrication tools that are essential to today’s manufacturing processes. As well as enrolling in four specially designed introductory workshops, participants will receive a free NextFab membership allowing them access to other courses and NextFab’s cadre of mentors. With this combination of skills and education, NextMakerz participants can produce a portfolio of their job skills and competencies.

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