"NextFab's new location in Wilmington, Delaware, represents not just physical growth but an evolution of thinking and process within the company." —NextFab blog, Feb. 27, 2017

NextFab Wilmington


Phone: 302-477-7330

Email: info@nextfab.com

Business Hours:

Tuesday to Thursday 2pm - 10pm,

Friday to Saturday 10am - 6pm

Tour Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 2pm - 6pm

The Creative District welcomes NextFab!

Watch the Ribbon Cutting here:

NextFab is a network of membership-based makerspaces that provide access to tools, technology, education, events, and services for makers of any skill level. They offer a variety of education and startup programs, as well as professional design, production, and placemaking services for whatever your fabrication needs—and it's now here in Wilmington's Creative District!

Learn about NextMakerz @ NextFab:

A collabortion between Wilmington Renaissance Corporation and NextFab to provide a work skills initiative for young Wilmingtonians ages 16-24. Giving them life and job skills to advance their futures.

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