Meet NextMaker, Emmanuel

Sitting down in the second floor class room at NextFab, Emmanuel Knotts was learning a bit more than just a new programming language. He was also getting some advice on his future.

“It’s really all about finding your own path and learning what it is you want to do.”

James, his instructor, was sharing with Emmanuel some personal advice on what to do after high school before getting started on the night’s class on microcontrollers.

Emmanuel is a member of Creative District’s first NextMakerz class. He and his mentor John were getting some personal hands-on instruction on something they had never work with before, computer programming.

Emmanuel and John jokingly tease each other as the lesson becomes more and more complex.

“Are you ready?” “No, are you ready?”

A group of around eight young Wilmingtonians are getting the chance to learn new tech skills through the NextMakerz program. This tuition-free collaboration between Creative District and NextFab gives the participants to try out career skills they might have not thought about before.

Emmanuel was quite clear when he said he did not know the first thing about computer programming but by the end of the class, he and John were able to not only build a makeshift Theremin using a microcontroller board, but they also programmed using Arduino. All it took was a couple hours of training with James.

But, as mentioned before, Emmanuel left with a bit more than just a skill. He also left with a new perspective on his future. In the end, the NextMakerz program seeks to do just that. Not only teach young people new skills but also give them the ability to possibility find a new path for their future.

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