West Center City: A Family Portrait

Creative District and FourYouth Productions have begun a new project that will seek to display the families of West Center City, both conventional and unconventional.

Through a series of portrait days, student photographers from FourYouth will take shots of the different families of the neighborhood while also interviewing them to learn their stories. This will happen throughout the course of November and December. Eventually the photographs and stories will be displayed for the public to see in Spring 2018.

During the first portrait day, one of the “families” that was photographed was championship baseball team. Not a family you say? Tell that to them.

“We were and are really truly a family,” said Pedro Swan, who played outfield. “Many of us grew up playing together in school. Others joined in later.”

Pedro was a member of the Clifco Softball Club, an amateur softball team that has a lot of history. They were champions of the Delaware Amateur Softball League three times for one. They also made a name for themselves up and down the East Coast throughout the 1970’s.

“There weren’t that many opportunities for African-American teams back then,” said Larry Woody, who played first base and in the outfield. “We were one of the first teams that really made it big in the league.”

The Clifco Softball Club is just one of the families that will be featured in the family portraits project by FourYouth Productions and Creative District Wilmington. Stay tuned for more updates!


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