Meet Bryce Bullock

The family that creates together, has fun together. That is certainly the mantra of the Bullock household.

Enter Bryce Bullock, 9-year-old comic book creator, author, and illustrator. This young man is a creative powerhouse. Just in the few hours we spent with him, he shared his entire catalogue of creative characters which are already published or are in development.

His newest project: Daddy Long Legs and the Inchworm. The debut issue from Pankake Images (that’s Bryce’s comic book company) is currently available on Amazon.

The comic follows the crime fighting adventures of the titular characters. This father and son superhero team vigilantly watch over the fictional metropolis of “U Nork City.” Villains such as “The Dung Beetle” or “Hot Garbage” could strike at any moment and cause mayhem in their fine city.

“One day we were in the bathroom,” says Bryce. “And daddy said he wanted to be a superhero. I said yeah you could be a super hero. You can be Daddy Long Legs and I could be called the Inchworm.”

Clearly inspiration can strike at any moment. After developing this concept, Bryce did his research and based his character’s abilities on the real-life insects he named them after.

He explains his story has a very important message: Never give up.

“Even if you get blown out of a window and almost die, you just keep going until you complete the task,” said Bryce.

Bryce’s parents say their son has been creating characters for as long as they can remember.

“We have box filled with books he has created using loose-leaf paper,” said Demitrius “Motion” Bullock, Bryce’s father and creative partner. “He would come up with all these different charactes and names and smalls stories. He’s been doing this doing this since he was about five.”

Demitrius is a self-taught local artist who is known through his brand Motion Illustrationz. Also a crucial member of the Bullock creative team is Michelle Bullock, Bryce’s mom and current doctoral student. Michelle is Pankake Image’s Editor-in-Chief.

Bryce’s knack for creating stories and characters almost constantly, is inspiring says Michelle. For example, one of Bryce’s characters, Tony Bibbles, was created when Bryce was playing around with costumes at his home.

“He has inspired me to write and be creative as we move these projects along,” said Michelle. “When we started, we wrote together and now it’s turned into something more.”

Michelle has now developed a passion for writing through his son’s creativity. Together this family forms an artistic powerhouse that has big plans for the future. Demitrius and Michelle also help local playwright Connie Drummond, of Lady C Productions, run her performance space, ArtzScapes, on Market Street. You can see Demitrius’ original art pieces hanging on the walls of ArtzScapes.

Though they used to have day jobs, now Bryce’s parents now focus on helping their son’s vision become a reality.

“With all of the characters that Bryce creates, it just re-kindled that love of art inside me,” said Demitrius. “I would work with him on how to draw and how to develop the details in characters and things of that nature. After a while, I just thought, wow, I want to persue this. I want to get back what used to keep me up at night.

“All of this is born out of his desire to create this comic book company,” said Michelle. “He wants to see Pankake Images grow. So we figured, he’s doing his part, we should do ours as well.

You’ll be able to meet Bryce and his family at a Creative District event soon! Stay tuned!


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