Andre Reyneard

Art is conceptual, says artist Andre Reyneard. It’s just as much about the experience as it is about the tools.

“There’s so much more to uncover deep inside rather than just staying at the surface level. Regardless of what you are creating. But ultimately that is up to the artist.”

Andre is the creative mind behind the InTreeGuing Sculpture Garden, a prominent feature of the public art collection in the Creative District. According to him, the installation came to be almost on its own.

“I had been away from home for a long time. Being able to come back and have my art installed in my hometown is amazing. I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened anywhere else but the fact that it happened here means so much to me.”

The essence of InTreeGuing is growth. It is a concept that Andre has been evolving throughout his artistic journey.

“I looked at the trees around me. They are some of the oldest organisms on Earth and yet we don’t seem to give them too much thought. We could learn so much from them if we were to just observe their growth. What they can do in their surroundings.”

However, Andre doesn’t want to tell anyone how to interpret his art. That’s not his place, he says.

“Everyone has their own interpretation. I try to refrain from telling people what my work means. I don’t want to hinder someone else’s raw interpretation. I like hearing what people have to say without me telling them what I was trying to do. I’m always curious to hear that.”

What he doesn’t mind is telling people is how much the garden means to him.

“When we first put it down, I had many people telling me that it really changed the atmosphere there. But the fact I was able to have my art put out there in the first place? It’s clutch. It couldn’t have happened any other way.”


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